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Piano «Мelodiya 120» Special Edition
Code - Мelodiya-120 Special Edition
Musical instrument - Piano
Model - «Мelodiya 120» Special Edition
Manager for sales - of piano Anna Rusanova: +7 (960) 612 27 37
Wooden Back frame - top –quality coniferous lumber
Soundboard and ribs - European spruce
Wood strip and lining - red beech
Pin block - red beech, own original production; multilayer structure
Iron Frame - grey cast iron, sand mould
Strings - of own original production - steel, bass strings with copper winding
The instrument body is of classical form Body - MDF (medium density fiberboard), multilayer plywood, wooden slab
Action rail - wooden (several layers of red beech plywood)
Weight (net) - 230 kg
Dimensions, mm - 122 x 148 x 60
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