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We offer our clients a wide range of the squeeze-box musical instruments: accordions, diatonic button accordions (Garmon), Russian Bayans (Schrammel accordion). In 2017 we started production of pianos in cooperation with one of the oldest German piano brands.

Our musical instruments demonstrate optimal sounding characteristics, they are good to play music of different genres from rock to classical music.

Together with the quality we are ready to offer our clients the unique selling proposition. Pricing policy of the company «Tulskaya Garmon» wins the clients’ hearts, providing for full satisfaction of their needs and the best price –quality ratio on the market.

We make the instruments which fully comply with your needs. The Company specialists are ready to give consultations to truly access the instrument characteristics, required functional and decorative appearance. Together with this, you are able to be in constant contact with the manager, who is assigned to you, while your future musical instrument is being made.

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Preserving the traditions and classical range of musical instruments, we strive for further development. Unsurpassed craftsmanship of our specialists, latest designs and observance of the traditions of the folk craftsmen make it possible to create unique musical instruments, which sound amazingly in the hands of the famous performers both in Russia and abroad.

If you are really interested to know how musical instruments are made, we will be happy to invite you to our Factory and give you an informative tour, showing the production process and the museum.

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Russian Bayan, diatonic button accordion, accordion
Russian Bayan, diatonic button accordion, accordion
In more detail

We offer a wide range of Russian Bayans, diatonic button accordions and accordions.

It doesn’t’ really matter what music you perform, the specialists of the company «Tulskaya Garmon» are able to offer you the most suitable option, with the required quality characteristics at attractive prices.

In our assortment you can find pianos for music schools, art schools, colleges and cultural centers.

Musical instruments are manufactured in accordance with all international standards and a guarantee of the highest sound quality.

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